Awards Dinner & Closing Event

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Join us for the evening at Boeing Museum of Flight

Join us on Wednesday, June 21 at the world renowned Boeing Museum of Flight located on the grounds of the nation’s oldest airplane production facility originally built in 1909.

We will began the evening with a buffet dinner in the Side Gallery after which you will be able to walk through at your leisure the T. A. Wilson Great Gallery. It is a 3 million-cubic-foot, six-story, glass-and-steel exhibit hall currently containing 39 full-size historic aircraft, including the nine-ton Douglas DC-3 hanging from the space-frame ceiling in flight attitude. Dramatically lit at night, the Gallery is a stunning architectural achievement full of aircraft that trace the history of the first century of flight.

For your additional pleasure for those that would like to pilot an aircraft, there are 3 flight simulators available for your flying experience.

Walk around and enjoy aircraft from biplane aircraft to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.

Buses will depart from the conference hotel to transport attendees to the event.

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