Awards Program

The IEEE Pulp and Paper Industry Committee honors three technical papers for the conference and up to two individuals who have demonstrated years of dedication to the Pulp and Paper electrical community.

2017 Technical Paper Award Winners

First Place Conference Technical Paper

Title: Successful Technology Upgrade Reduces Thermo-Mechanical Pulp Mill Energy Footprint
Authors: David Durocher

Mark Higginson

Second Place Conference Technical Paper

Title: Type B Ground Fault Protection on Adjustable Speed Drives
Authors: Jeff Glenney

Torsten Gruhn

Merv Savostianik

Best Mill Conference Technical Paper

 Title: What Do You Do When The Lights Go Out?
 Authors: Greg Drewiske

Austin Kalcec


 2017 Meritorious Award Winners

Congratulations from the Executive Committee on this well deserved award. This member has worked for the benefit of the committee and the industry in furthering our common goals of professional development.   The PPIC committee is pleased to announce that the 2017 Pulp and Paper Industry Award Winner:

Meritorious Engineering Award

Mark Zawadzki – International Paper

Mark Zawadzki (M1997-SM2001) was born on January 21, 1962 in New Britain, CT to polish immigrants.  His dad, Kazimierz, was serving in the Polish Air Force when WWII broke out and he went on to serve in the French and Royal Air Forces during and after the war.  His mother, Kazimiera, was displaced during the war, first to Russia, then to Uganda for several years.  She immigrated to the United States via England in the 1950’s where she met her future husband, Kazimierz. They still reside in New Britain, CT.

Mark graduated E.C. Goodwin Regional Vocational Technical High School in New Britain, CT in 1980 with a degree in Industrial Electronics.  Following high school, Mark attended the University of Connecticut studying electrical engineering.  He ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.  Mark earned his Master of Business Administration degree from College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY in 1995.

Following his college career, Mark worked as a drives field service engineer for Electro-Power, Inc. in Wolcott, CT.  In September of 1988 he joined International Paper in Ticonderoga, NY as a maintenance engineer and later as the Instrument/Electrical Department Supervisor. In March of 1996, Mark joined the International Paper Corporate Technology Group in Loveland, OH as an adjustable speed drives subject matter expert.  He continues in the same role today focusing on Electric Motor Reliability, Adjustable Speed Drive Installation and Grounding.

Mark is an IEEE Senior member and has been active in the PPIC committee since his first IEEE PPIC conference in Cincinnati in 1997.  He is recent past Chair of the PPIC Drives and Controls Subcommittee, and is the Secretary/Treasurer of the PPIC Executive Committee. Mark has co-authored and presented many papers and participated in panels at the IEEE PPIC Conferences on the topics of adjustable speed drives and motor maintenance and reliability.  Mark is an active member of the IEEE 841 and IEEE 1068 Standard Working Groups and the UL Power Conversion Standards Committee. Mark is a well-known industry leader in promoting new and repaired motor reliability which has led to improved manufacturing and repair methods. He is equally well known for his work with manufacturers to understand stray current in AC VF drives and develop mitigation techniques that have greatly reduced associated failures. He was also an active member of the TAPPI engineering organization from 1996 to 2006. Mark is a member of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional.

Mark and his wife of 25 years, Christine, reside in Milford, OH.  They have two daughters; Zoe, who is attending graduate school at Ohio University and Ali, who will be a freshman at Ohio State University in September.  Mark is active in the International Paper Wizards science elementary education program. He is also an avid drag racer and has owned a race car since 1981.  He enjoys drag racing and working on all four of his toys (1960’s muscle cars) and crafting car parts in his machine shop behind his garage.

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Meritorious Service Award

Roland Roberge – Morgan Advanced Materials

Roland Roberge was born May 31, 1959 in Rochester, NH, the sixth of eight children.  In 1977, Roland graduated from Rochester’s Spaulding High School.  He then started college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA graduating in June, 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Roland began his career at General Electric Company, in Waltham, MA in June 1981 as a Field Engineer, Marine Division.  He worked on rotating equipment, including DC motors and generators, AC motors and generators and associated drive systems.  Desiring more time at home, Roland joined Narragansett Electric, North Kingston, Rhode Island in January of 1988 as Supervisor of Sub Station Maintenance. He was responsible for all sub stations in Southern Rhode Island, working on transformers, circuit breakers, metering and associated equipment.  Roland began working with carbon brushes when he transferred to Morgan Advanced Materials in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in April, 1990 as a Design & Application Engineer.  Roland supported carbon brush applications in the Pulp and Paper, Steel, Traction, Mining and Aircraft industries.  Company consolidation required Roland and his family to move to Greenville, SC in August, 1998.  Roland was quickly promoted to Manager of Operations at the Greenville site in November, 1999.  As Operations Manager, Roland was in charge of 200 people on three shifts. He inherited a past due list of $400K and 50% on time delivery. Before transferring to a Project Engineering position in January 2004, Roland improved delivery to over 90% and eliminated the past due list, with a lot of help from his team.  As a Project Engineer, Roland was involved in moving production lines, closing a facility and investigating equipment safety controls. In January 2007, Roland was promoted to his beloved department as Manager of Design and Application Engineers.  This transfer allowed Roland to become more involved in the Pulp and Paper Industry designing and applying carbon brush materials.  One of Roland’s recent achievements is the creation of a carbon material that provides over three years of brush life in generators used in the wind industry.

Roland joined IEEE in 1981 and attended the PPIC in 2001.  Morgan Advanced Materials (formally General Electric Carbon Products) has a long history of supporting PPIC.  This dedication allowed Roland to continue to participate in IEEE PPFIC as Chairman of the PCEMC subcommittee 2010/2011, Presentation Coordinator 2011/2012, Conference Local Chairman in Charlotte, NC, 2013 and currently as Membership Chairman since 2016. Roly has also authored and coauthored papers on carbon brush performance and application that have been presented at the PPIC Conference. He was a contributor to the “Handbook of Electric Motors” and is the Creator/Founder of the Morgan (National) “Commutator Surface Conditions” reference chart for dc commutator evaluation.

Roland married Elaine Ritter of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts in July of 1982.  Roland and Elaine have five children from two generations, Ryan M. 33, Shanna 31 and Rory 29.  Roland and Elaine are presently raising their second set of children, Ryan E. 9, and Chloe 7, who were legally adopted in 2015.  Roland and Elaine are also the proud parents of one active member of the Navy and one active member of the Army.  Roland and Elaine have four grandchildren, with another due in November.

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